Missing Teen Found

14 year old Shawnthe Pryce has been found and is now safely in police custody. This is word from officials within the Citizens Welfare Division who indicated that the missing teen was found this morning.

While not releasing much detail, it was indicated to ZDK News that the Teen was found in the Golden Grove Area and thanked the general public for their support and assistance in recovering the teenager.

On Tuesday, Law enforcement authorities issued an appeal to the general public for their assistance in seeing the safe return of 14 year old.

Arising from this, the Citizens Welfare Division stated that persons who harbour missing individuals will face heavy consequences under the law.

This is a part of a new approach to curbing an increase in cases of runaways, and they will be taking a no-nonsense stance against people who harbour these children.

Once there is enough evidence and the child is willing to cooperate, the division can build a case against perpetrators.

According to the officials at the Welfare Division, they will make it a priority to ensure that legal action is taken once these people are caught harbouring runaway children, as it is high time for the the ongoing problem to be addressed.

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