A Former Minister of State Implicated in The John Ashe Scandal

Just Days after Former UPP Senator Anthony Stuart came forward calling for the Former Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer’s resignation due to the bad press his implication in the John Ashe Scandal has for the country, his name has been brought up again as new findings have been revealed.

According to Officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), a former minister of state attached to the office of the then prime minister has been implicated in a scheme to sell diplomatic passports to Chinese businessmen in exchange hundreds of thousands in US Currency.

The name of the former minister of state was not revealed, however, but allegations put the occurrence of the scheme in 2013 under the Former Baldwin Spencer Administration.

This arises from the recent arrest of a new figure in the scandal, Julia Vivi Wang, who transferred half a million US in bribes to Antiguan Officials to arrange for diplomatic passports on her behalf to the country’s investment office in Hong Kong, China.

It has been reported that the former Prime Minister, Now Opposition Leader Baldwin Spencer authorized the issuance of the passports in question, but sought to clear his name by stating he had no knowledge that money was exchanged to attain them.

Officials from the Present Gaston Browne Administration have maintained distance from the scandal, but have been co-operating with US Officials.

The Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst indicated that the diplomatic passports in question have since been revoked.

This, he said, was done after US Officials ordered an audit of all diplomatic passports at the break of the John Ashe Scandal.

Three individuals namely Chinese business women; Sheri Yan and Heidi Hong Piao, and Former Ambassador to the Dominican Republic; Francis Lorenzo,  have so far pleaded guilty to bribery and conspiracy charges in the UN Scandal.


You Can View Entire Court Document By Clicking the Link: John Ashe Court File



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