The Broadcasting Minister Commits to Resolving Issues with ABS Workers

The Antigua Trades & Labour Union has made significant inroads on behalf of workers at the Antigua Broadcasting Service (ABS).

Speaking to ZDK News, Union Representative Ralph Potter indicated that during a meeting held on Monday with the Broadcasting Minister Melford Nicholas, a firm commitment was made to address the health and safety concerns of the staff.

According to him, a time frame will be set by the ministry for the resolution of the issues discussed in the meeting.

However, despite the significant progress, Potter disclosed that the pressing issue on the minds of staff, that being the removal of the General Manager, was not specifically tabled in the meeting and must be discussed going forward.

In the Meeting, Minister Melford Nicholas disclosed that the General Manager has been acting on directives of himself and the Cabinet, and made no further comment on her removal.

The Union representative indicated that they anticipate a follow up meeting with the Minister; however an official date is not set in stone.





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