UPP & True Labour Join Heads to hold Government Accountable

On Saturday March 18th, officials of the United Progressive Party and the Antigua & Barbuda True Labour Party met to discuss a common approach in addressing a number of issues facing the Gaston Browne administration.

According to a joint press release issued by both parties following the meeting the Gaston Browne-led ABLP Administration is guilty of bad governance and self-inflicted economic hardship, which prompted both parties to join heads.

Senator Damarni Tabor, Public Relations Officer for the UPP told ZDK news that it is time for the government to be held more accountable for failing citizens.

The two parties agree that the government has failed in a number of key areas including the 35% rise in unemployment according to release. Senator Tabor said that once individuals and other activist groups share similar thoughts, they are welcomed to join the cause.

The press release also detailed proposals made by both parties. One of which is that election day be made a public holiday to allow timely and unimpeded participation of all eligible voters and another, changing the law of the Prime Minister selecting the day of elections to a fixed day at the end of the 5 year term.

The parties further proposed that term limits should be set for elected Prime Ministers at a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Meantime, the PRO noted that the United Progressive Party has not forgotten the government’s failure to recognize an ultimatum issued demanding that the price for fuel variation and gas at the pump be lowered.

He said the party has more robust protest planned for the future.

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