1 Million Set Aside to Pay Nurses

Frustrated Nurses can soon breathe a sigh of relief as $1 million dollars has been set aside by Cabinet to satisfy overdue payments.

On Wednesday, nurses attached to the Mount St John Medical Center took to ‘Troll Antigua’ a popular social commentary page on Facebook to air their concerns and express frustration at late payment.

The issue was brought to the Cabinet’s attention on Wednesday by the Minister of Health.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Gaston Browne met with Treasury Officials to mobilize the payment which will be made to nurses on Friday.

The Government’s Chief of staff told ZDK News that other Government workers have had the misfortune of being paid late as well which is an issue that they will address. Lionel Hurst indicated that for this reason, the government is seeking to grow the economy to bring in revenue to pay workers.

Hurst also disclosed that the government has had to repay many creditors both locally and internationally including the IMF, WIOC, and UWI which could also account for the late payment of workers as adequate funding was unavailable.

He noted that servicing those debts proved to be a priority as fall out could negatively impact the economy.



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