Antigua celebrated World Property Rights Day

“Digital Creativity: Culture Re-imagined” was the theme used to observe World Intellectual Property Day on Tuesday.

A ceremony was held at the Intellectual Property department, to increase people’s awareness and understanding of intellectual property (IP).

Key parties also used the occasion to launch the 2016 school competition, where students were asked to create something original while at the same time learning more about intellectual property and what it means in the world today.

Magistrate and Deputy Registrar Conliffe Clarke said that intellectual property refers to the creations of the mind such as inventions, literary and artistic work.

He said that the Intellectual property systems aim to foster an environment in which creativity and inventions can flourish, thus making it widely accepted.

Minister of Legal Affairs the Hon. Steadroy Cutie Benjamin during his feature address, mentioned that almost everyone in society is a user and potential creator of intellectual property, as Intellectual property rights add value for consumers and can provide a guarantee of source and quality.

The Minister added that over the last five years, the ownership and use of a Smartphone has grown exponentially. He said it is almost as though it’s glued to our hands and the youth must be encouraged to utilize technology to become innovative and creative.

Every year, Antigua and Barbuda Intellectual Property Cooperation hosts a competition to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day. Over the years, the format for the competition has taken the form of essays and short stories.

Students from primary and secondary schools throughout the island participated and gave their opinion on why intellectual property is important. This year the office chose a similar format for the competition and it is once again open to primary and secondary schools.

It is the hope of the organizers that the competition can assist them in increasing awareness of the importance of Intellectual Property and how it works hand in hand with the evolution of technology and how we communicate.


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