APUA Moves to Police Water Conservation

Minister of Public Utilities the Hon Robin Yearwood has indicated that the Antigua Public Utilities Authority will employ strict measures to properly police and enforce water conservation in the country.

Speaking at a Press Briefing on Tuesday, the Minister indicated that despite the presence of a prolonged drought in the country, individuals are still abusing the scarce commodity.

He indicated that APUA officials have drafted regulations which he will present to cabinet on Wednesday to ensure that water conservation is properly enforced in Antigua and Barbuda and make the general public aware the severity of the water situation.

The Head of the APUA Water Business Unit, Ivan Rodrigues disclosed that as a part of the policing measures standpipes will be under close supervision and in some cases even turned off to prevent abuse of water.

Rodrigues indicated that in order to give teeth to the regulations, the APUA is proposing that the parliament amends the public utilities act in order to properly define “the public good” (standpipes are labelled as for the public good) in the act so that the police can effectively reprimand persons who abuse standpipes.


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