APUA Progresses to 100% Desalination for Water Production

As the Water Crisis persists within the Twin Island State and Drought Relief nowhere in sight, the Antigua Public Utilities Authority has announced that it will be making the move towards Desalination to alleviate the issue.

APUA’s General Manager Esworth Martin indicated that in an effort to resolve the difficult water situation, the utilities provider will move water production to 100% Desalination to ensure that every home has a constant supply of water regardless of drought conditions

Martin indicated that the authority has already ordered an additional Reverse Osmosis Plant to meet the increasing demand. He disclosed that a $700,000USD deposit has already been paid to the company providing the plant which will be shipped, installed, and commissioned at Barnacle Point in October of this year.

It was stated that the plant will produce 2million imperial gallons of water on a daily basis which coupled with the other plants, should supply the country’s need for water.

The GM also noted that Barbuda is also benefiting from a reverse osmosis plant which will be commissioned in May.

Ivan Rodrigues, the Head of the APUA Water Business Unit, indicated that the move towards Desalination, though costly, is necessary as the drought will not dissipate any time in the near future, and so the country must plan for the worst.

He indicated that Meteorologists do not see adequate drought relief coming to the island in the near future seeing a continuation in the nearly 3 year drought spell. Mr Rodrigues disclosed that moving towards Desalination as the main source of water is a vision shared by all top level management players at APUA.


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