Fired Hotel Workers to Meet with Management

14 employees who were reportedly fired from the St. James’ Club after participating in a strike action last Friday are to meet with management to determine their future at the hotel.

The workers who are attached to the Food and Beverage department down tools last Friday due to a number of issues including ill-treatment by the department manager and having their working hours reduced without any discussion.

Industrial Relations Officer attached to the Antigua Barbuda Workers Union Kem Riley told ZDK news that he is yet to hear from management and only learned about the workers being dismissed via the media.

He said the union, the affected workers and management are scheduled to meet today to discuss the issue.


Reports are that Rob Barrett, the chairman of Elite Island Resorts which operates the St. James’s Club among other hotels said that the workers who walked off the job failed to follow the grievance procedures outlined in a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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