Foreign Affairs Minister Justifies Ban Lifting of CIP to Iraqi’s

Foreign Affairs and Trade & International Trade Minister Charles Max Fernandez has justified the Government’s decision to lift the recent ban from Iraqi nationals to become applicants of the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

Minister Fernandez said that after receiving word from international partners that once certain measures are put in place then the ban could be removed, the government instituted those regulations.

He said that apart from the requirement of a valid VISA to Canada, the United Kingdom or the U.S, applicants will now have to be evaluated by the Joint Regional Security Communication Centre (JRCC), which acts as another due diligence process.

“We have also instituted a system where by all our CIP applicants there names go through the Joint Regional Security Communication Center (JRCC), and that is of course involve with Interpol, So its important to know that Antigua and Barbuda is way ahead than most of the other territories in putting these things in place”

According to the Foreign Affairs Minister, the Government has also stepped up preparations to transition to the new passports which will contain identity chips making it more difficult to be counterfeited.


And in regards to the establishment of an Iraqi embassy in the country, Minister Fernandez said that it was a proposal supported by international partners.

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