Former UPP Minister Dismisses Claims of straddling the fence

Former UPP Minister Winston Williams has dismissed claims of him straddling the fence between both the United Progressive Party and the Antigua Labour Party Government.

Rumours began surfacing since it was revealed that Williams was offered and accepted a job by the Hon Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

This brought a number of comments on both sides with ABLP supporters bashing the government for offering jobs to UPP supporters.

Williams, in an interview on Monday disregarded the claims and said that he is still a card holding member of the United Progressive Party

The former UPP minister said that he does not want to be drawn into the politics of the claims and added that his wish is to remain a regular contributing citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.

Williams further explained what led up to the job proposal made to him by the nation‘s leader. He said that he was shocked by what the 20 minute long conversation entailed.


He continued by publicly thanking Prime Minister Gaston Browne for lending a helping hand despite their political differences.



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