Government denies request to lower fuel prices


Following a meeting on Monday, bus and taxi operators have decided to pressure the government with a number of demands including the lowering of fuel prices at the pumps.

Both the taxi and bus associations were adamant that the $1 reduction in gasoline and diesel was insufficient and something must be done about the prices.

In response to the demands the Government’s Chief of Staff has disclosed that a reduction in fuel prices may not be possible at present due to inherited dept obligations.


Last month the government mulled plans to engage Bus and Taxi operators in efforts to have them lower their fares due to the recent reduction in the price of gasoline and diesel at the pumps which came into effect on February 1st.

But the associations indicated that they cannot afford to absorb any additional cost as it would be detrimental to their businesses. They also reported that public transportation operators are paying too much in ABST and have no way of recovering such funds.




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