Government Works To Tackle Overcrowding in Secondary Schools

The Ministry of Education has asked for Cabinet’s assistance in addressing the growing issue of overcrowding which persists in major Secondary Schools throughout the country.

On Wednesday, Cabinet agreed to set aside $10 million to tackle the growing issue.

The Education Minister Michael Browne told ZDK News that the vast increase in numbers is proving to be difficult for teachers and alike as the school plants are not large enough to accommodate the students.

He indicated however that the Ministry plans to do more than just address space issues as this is not the main factor affecting student performance. Training Teachers, providing adequate learning materials, and improving the learning experience are all factors which have to be looked at jointly with increasing space said Minister Browne.

In Cabinet on Wednesday, it was revealed that several schools including the Antigua Girls High School and The Princess Margaret Secondary have suffered from overcrowding. This, according to a report presented to cabinet is because 62% of all secondary school students attend schools in St John’s.


Over Crowding
Report Presented To Cabinet on Wednesday

Minister Browne disclosed that he has petitioned cabinet for funding to address the issue.

The $10 million set aside by Cabinet will be used to build more classrooms in school compounds that can accommodate additional buildings.

The Government’s Chief of Staff indicated that construction of the additional structures will commence immediately after end of the final term so that the expansion can be ready come September.

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