Joanne Massiah Speaks Out Against The UPP Executive

UPP Member of Parliament Joanne Massiah has spoken out against the recent decision of UPP executives to kick her off the slate of candidates to contest the 2019 General Elections.

Following a meet of top level UPP Officials on Thursday, Senator Harold Lovell, the party’s Political Leader, invoked his constitutional power of veto to strike MP Joanne Massiah from the slate of candidates in the next election.

In a letter delivered to Massiah, the political leader credited the move to “the extremely acrimonious and divisive rift between Massiah and the party; unsubstantiated accusations leveled against the Leadership; and marked lack of support for any Party initiatives or positions in the past 11 months.

However, Massiah told ZDK News that the rationale for Lovell’s move couldn’t be further from the truth as she has always been committed to the United Progressive Party. The embattled politician also pointed out that the action carried out by Lovell and his executive does not at all follow the party’s constitutional outline.

MP Massiah stated that she would carefully go over and dissolve the contents of the letter and employ the available means to address the development which effectively cuts her off from the party and severs her from her constituents.

In spite of the negativity surrounding the matter, Massiah told ZDK News that she was thankful for the scores of individuals who stood in solidarity with her upon hearing the news and pledged that she still intends to run for public office.

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