Move or be Removed Says Lovell to UPP Non-Conformists

Written by on April 20, 2016

The Political Leader of the United Progressive Party, Senator Harold Lovell has announced that he will purge the Opposition UPP of individuals who seek to ‘undermine the unity of the party’.

His move to distance the party from ‘rogue elements’ comes after UPP Affiliates namely Winston Williams, Joanne Massiah, and Anthony Stuart spoke out against the present leadership of the party.

In a press statement issued on Tuesday, the UPP’s Political Leader said that he is determined to serve a unified party and called on “those brothers and sisters who are unhappy with their membership in the UPP to take the necessary steps to divorce themselves from the party, as spelt out in [the] Constitution.”

Senator Lovell took it a step further however, warning that if individuals choose not to leave the party willingly, he will advise the “UPP membership to take steps to remove them in accordance with [the] Constitution.”

In his statement, Lovell said that it was time to take an active stance as the party’s leadership has shown restraint and tolerance over the past 11 months. He indicated that the UPP is “moving forward with those who share the same values, aims and objectives.”

He went on to say that the party “not only intends to construct a house where harmony reigns and where unity is the order of the day but a house where the Party and Country take precedence over personal ambitions and vendettas.”

The Political Leader disclosed that he is using the present situation of the rift in the party to identify those who share the core values of the UPP.

He described his call for rebellious members to step aside as “an opportunity to shed the elements of division, strife and discord in our midst and to embrace the opportunity to heal, revamp and retool.”


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