MP Massiah Called To Resign

After The Opposition United Progressive Party Struck the Member of Parliament for All Saints East & St Luke, Joanne Massiah off of its 2019 Ticket, calls have risen up for the embattled parliamentarian to resign from office.

This was the view of regional political analyst Denys Springer who voiced the sentiments on Observer’s Big Issues over the weekend. He indicated that due to the loss of her party’s support and the divisive rift that exists, Massiah should do the right thing and resign.

The rift in the opposition sprung up after a contentious battle for leadership between MP Massiah and Senator Lovell which left a bitter taste in the mouth of both sides. Since the Party’s convention, the new executive has made many moves to distance itself from “Team Massiah” even going so far as to cutting off communication with the embattled member at lowest point of relations.

Last week following an Executive meeting on April 13th, the Political Leader of the UPP Harold Lovell took the move to use his constitutional power of veto to remove Massiah from the UPP’s ticket.

In a letter addressed to MP Massiah, Lovell credited his decision to Massiah’s lack of support for party initiatives over the past 11 months, obscene accusations she leveled against the executive, and the existing rift between herself and the party heads.

However, Massiah told ZDK News after the fact that the veto undertaken by Harold Lovell,  was not in line with the Party’s constitutional provisions. The Member of Parliament further indicated that she would analyze the contents of the letter and address the issue head on.


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