Port workers call for outstanding monies from 2004 to be paid

After the distress call by a former worker of the Antigua Port Authority calling for a better pay out of outstanding monies.

Chairman of the Port Authority Mary Clair Hurst called in on ZDK’s Breakfast programme Your Views this morning to address the situation. She said that the Port Authority is doing it’s very best to ensure that the workers receive their monies.

Hurst said that that the current payment plan may not be as much to some individuals but the authority is doing the best that it can given its current financial position.

‘A thousand dollars to her may sound as if its a little but the cheque that I wrote at the Port Authority for the Security Guards who were dismissed was $78,000. We are trying, $78,000 in a organisation that is struggling, its a lot.’

The outstanding payment to the former workers dates back to 2004 under the United Progressive Party’s tenure.

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