Rainfall Halts Operations At The School Meals Facility

After the Ministry of Education spread word that operations at the National School Meals Programme would be suspended for the remainder of the week, Officials have indicated that work will be done to ensure that things will be up and running for next week.

On Monday, Heavy Rainfall at the School Meals Prep Kitchen Halted operations at the facility leading to officials suspending operations until the following week.

Public Relations within the Education Ministry, Sean Thomas told ZDK News that a contingency plan is in place to find an alternative facility to resume operations.

He disclosed that the Ministry of Works is conducting an assessment of the facility to determine the damage and the work that needs to be done to repair the building.

Thomas noted that the building has major damage to the roof which caused rain to leak into the facility disrupting operations.

The PR Person stated that the suspension of operations affects all schools island wide and so parents should make alternative arrangements for their children for the remainder of the week as Ministry officials work to resolve the issue.

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