Traffic Cop calls for amendment to traffic law

Assistant Commissioner of Police McLean Hunte has called for an amendment to be made to the traffic law which gives owners of motor vehicles left abandoned on any road or any parcel of land, seven days to have them removed.

According to section 84 of the Vehicles and Road Traffic Act, Cap 460 of the Laws of Antigua and Barbuda, Where it appears to the Traffic Commissioner that the land on which a motor vehicle is abandoned as aforesaid, is occupied by any person, the Traffic Commissioner shall give him seven days notice, in writing that it is proposed to remove the vehicle in pursuance of subsection (1).

However according to Commissioner Hunte an amendment need to be made as persons have continued to disregard the law.


The Traffic Cop said that his department will be working alongside the Central Board of Health and the Solid waste department to deal with these abandoned vehicles on the street as they are also a major cause of some Health Hazards.


Meantime the Police will be clamping down on persons who continue to drive with defective headlights particularly at night as these practices are very dangerous to the driving public.









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