Well-Known Cricket Photo Journalist Loses Artifacts in Home invasion

Well- known cricket photo journalist Colin “Bones” Cumberbatch seems to be the latest victim to a series of robberies taken place in the country in recent times.

Colin “Bones” Cumberbatch who called in to ZDK’s Your Views this morning sought to get the assistance of the public  in locating 5 hard drives containing up to 50 years of work, stolen from his Clarehall residence, while he was off island.

Cumberbatch said that the items also contain images of the West Indies Cricket Team dating back to 1913 which were to be used in two upcoming productions.

He said that the thieves also took a number of books which he found peculiar but said that they do not compare to the contents on the drives. Cumberbatch said that he is willing to pay for the items, if needs be.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the stolen items are asked to call 461-0473/726-5512.

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