Antigua’s Inaugural CIP Conference Ends on a High Note

Participants of the 1st annual Invest Caribbean Conference are echoing praises for the organizers of, the Citizenship by Investment Unit, as the inaugural event came to a successful end.

The Conference saw many international, regional and local experts on Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIP) gathering to share expertise on the many facets of a program which can potentially provide numerous opportunities for national development.

The event highlighted the efforts of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to enhance and continuously revise all protocols surrounding ensuring the “Safety and Security” of the Antiguan CIP which was introduced in 2013.

According to the Hon. Asot A. Michael, Minister responsible for Tourism, Economic Development & Investment the newly introduced program though economically viable is very fragile to the negative connotations which surround its operations and as such education is key when informing the masses of the very rewarding dividends that can come from the CIP.

Many of the conference presenters re-iterated this sentiment with Mr. Robert Martin of NTL Immigration, stating that CIP’s are about building countries, not selling passports.

Special emphasis was placed on due diligence techniques and the need for multiple, accurate methods to be completed for each identified potential client.

The Conference also addressed other issues ranging from matters of human trafficking, terrorist networking, identifying risks relating to potential investors and their financial backgrounds with threats of money-laundering and terrorism financing being highlighted.

While CIP is being looked at as the new “oil” of the Caribbean, agents are being urged to look for new and emerging markets because through the program our Tourism Product can be rejuvenated and transformed.

The Tourism Minister reaffirmed that The Government of Antigua and Barbuda is committed to engaging in the use of best practices in accordance with international standards to reap the benefits that a successful CIP will garner.


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