Community Carnival sets the pace for Antigua’s 60th Carnival Celebration

Carnival Fever is building throughout the island ahead of Antigua and Barbuda’s 60th Carnival Celebration as members of the community have begun to be involved in the Community Carnival events being hosted by the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission.

Over the weekend, the first of these community events was hosted in Parham and according to a member of the festivals commission, Vaughn Walter, the event was better than anticipated.

He also noted that the upcoming event in Urlings will be bigger and better as the move ahead into the Carnival season.

Walter states that excitement is building for Carnival 60 which is expected to be a really large event in order to commemorate the major milestone.

The culture enthusiast indicated that the response has been wonderful and even stated that more individuals have been coming on board wanting to be involved in the upcoming events.

He indicated that going forward, community carnival will be a fixture for Antigua’s carnival in order to promote and foster community involvement in the nation’s summer festival.

The Next top for the community carnival team will be in Urlings Village on June 4th with feature performances by MNM Music and the Unruly Band.



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