Former Executive Secretary of the Board of Education, Gisele Isaac is once again behind bars. News of Isaac’s arrest broke over opposition aligned Crusada Radio on Thursday morning.

According to reports she is presently being held at the police head quarters once again in connection with the ongoing Board of Education Fraud Investigation.

Senator Jacqui Quinn Leandro on Crusada Radio spoke out against the actions of the police force, and launched a blistering attack on the Gaston Browne Administration.

She even called on members of the public to rally outside of the Police Headquarters in support of Gisele Isaac who is the chairwoman of the UPP.

The Former Governor General, Dame Louise Lack Tack also called into Crusada Radio to voice her support for the embattled UPP Chairwoman. While speaking on the radio programme, Dame Louise also leveled accusations against the police of harassment against her person as well, making special mention of the Attorney General.

UPP Candidate Wilmoth Daniel was also on air speaking out against the arrest deeming the act as marginalization of women in politics by the Government. He indicated that the arrest of Gisele Isaac is a blatant act of harassment.

The Education Minister Michael Browne initiated a probe in August 2014 carried out by McCaw Financial Consulting, which revealed several irregularities, including that Isaac approved several salary increases for herself and presided over several missing cheques.

In June 2015, Isaac was charged with fraudulent conversion of $9,000, corruption, conspiracy with intent to defraud in relation to $13,983.97 and fraudulent conversion.

Additional charges have also been leveled against Isaac.


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