Government to address concerns among farmers


Farmers within Antigua and Barbuda will be making their case to Agriculture Ministers to access additional funding to tackle a number of ongoing issues that have been plaguing the farming community.

At the first agriculture consultation to be held at the Multipurpose Cultural Centre this evening, the Junior Minister of Agriculture the Hon Samantha Marshall along with Agriculture Minister Arthur Nibbs will be addressing some of the rising concerns among agriculture personnel.

Director of Agriculture Jadadia Maxim while speaking on Observer Radio this morning highlighted the importance of this meeting and how it will assist farmers within the country.

Maxim said that the meeting is also a means of reassuring farmers of the government’s firm commitment to the agricultural sector. He said that the issue of water availability and the eradication of the Giant African Snail will be the main topics of discussion.


Communiqué within the Ministry of Agriculture Wendy Tittle while speaking on ZDK’s Your Views this morning indicated that the nation’s leader Prime Minister the Hon Gaston Browne will also be present at the consultation which will begin at 6:00pm.



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