Miracle Mission Team Arrives in Antigua to Conduct Pre-Operatory Phase

A Venezuelan team of medical doctors are currently on island to complete the pre-operatory phase for patients in the Miracle Mission Eye Care Program.

The medical team which comprise of one Doctor who specializes in internal medicine and two Ophthalmologists arrived over the weekend where they will be working with the patients who were previously identified for surgery during the mission’s last trip, but were unable to complete the process.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and the Environment Walter Christopher welcomed the group and expressed deep appreciation for the humanitarian programme that has already benefited scores of nationals.

After they’ve completed this task, a second team of surgeons will arrive here to perform the surgeries to be followed by arrival of a fresh batch of surgeons the following week.

Venezuelan Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda Carlos Perez said that the trip is to perform surgeries for cataract and pterygium for some of the patients who are pending from last year.

“Remember it is important to note that for last year, the number of people that went for screening had surpassed our expectation and for this trip we would like to conclude with these patients that are pending”, Ambassador Perez remarked.

He said the list was further updated and other patients could be included once space is available.

Ambassador Perez said the programme represents the high level of cooperation which exists between both countries.

“It’s a continuation of the cooperation that we’ve developed with Antigua and Barbuda. Even in the midst of the circumstances in Venezuela right now, we are still continuing with our commitment to Antigua and Barbuda which is very important especially in this humanitarian mission  which is fundamental to the island”, Ambassador Perez assured.

Director of Miracle Mission Venezuela Ricardo Riera also expressed his delight in the successful completion of the programme which got underway in 2015.

Once the Mission is completed next month, individuals can continue to visit the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre’s outpatient eye clinic for routine as well as emergency eye care.

The Miracle Mission Programme commenced on May 31st 2015 with a total of 1,481 individuals being screened for both pterygium and cataract. 8 individuals traveled to Venezuela to undergo surgery with a total of over 500 surgical interventions.

This round of surgeries will begin on June 11th.

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