Mount St. John’s Break-In Not Serious Says Mount St. John’s Chairman

The weekend break-in at the Mount St. John’s Medical Center did not cause any disruptions in regular operations at the country’s lone public hospital.

This is the word from Chairman of the Medical Center Board Bernard Percival who told ZDK news that despite contrary reports the break-in over the whit weekend was not serious.

ZDK news understands that after workers arrived for their regular morning shift at the hospital where it was discovered that one of the rooms was broken into. The unknown individual or individuals did not take any valuables from the room according to Percival but only left the words “I was Here” on the wall of the administration building.

“There was nothing lost as far as we can tell, its not a major issue to cause disruption”.

The chairman noted that the room which was breached is used for money transactions during the day and only contained receipt books and payment files. He said that the Mount St. John’s is working along with lawmen to determine the person or persons behind the break-in.

“Police were called in of course as we would normally do under the circumstances; we tried to find out who might have done it but that’s about it, so management is working with the police trying to determine what could have happen”, the chairman ended.

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