MSJMC Board Chairman  Dismiss Claim, “Rats Caused Power Outage at the Hospital”

Chairman of the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) Board Bernard Percival has dismissed reports that a power outage at the country’s lone public hospital was caused by rats.

Last evening, the Mount St. John’s was in darkness for a short stint and reports details that power by backup generators failed to kick in immediately.

Percival told ZDK news that the 18 minute long outage was as a result of an electrical fault following work by the Antigua Public Utilities Authority.

“The lines coming into the hospital from the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) seemed to have blown. APUA came and rectified those lines last night but unfortunately because of the power cut, it seemed to have thrown our generators off which led to an 18 minuted power outage.”

The hospital’s board chair made clear that no patients were affected including those attached to ventilators. He added that following the incident APUA was also immediately informed to rectify the situation.

“There were no patients affected because we had internal power due to our back up systems so all patients were properly attended to. He said this was confirmed by the ‘house sister’ who relayed the information to the Gary Thomas, Director of Operations at MSJMC.”

Percival said that APUA was immediately contacted and the fault was rectified.

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