Negotiators from Antigua and Barbuda and Canada meet to strengthen air transportation linkages   


A new agreement has been reached which will see expansion of air travel between Antigua and Barbuda and Canada.

According to a Press Release from the Ministry of Tourism, Negotiators from Antigua and Barbuda and Canada met from 9-10th May to agree on a new liberalized regime to govern air transportation between the two countries.

The discussions, which took place at the historic Dutchman’s Bay in Antigua, was attended by aviation and airline representatives from Canada and Antigua and Barbuda and was aimed at facilitating the expansion of air travel, particularly tourism and trade, between the two countries which have long enjoyed a close relationship in various aspects of civil aviation.

The agreement is expected to provide the legal framework for air travel between Antigua and Barbuda and Canada, establishing mechanisms for enhancing commercial operations by airlines as well as for consultation and dialogue on air transport matters between the two countries.

The new agreement, when implemented, is expected to remove a number of restrictions in areas such as routes, pricing and capacity while ensuring that both parties adhere to required standards of safety and security management and oversight.

The Canadian market constitutes the third largest source market for Antigua and Barbuda and is presently served by direct services by Air Canada and WestJet.

A major hotel development by Canadian operator SunWing is forecast to further boost tourism traffic between Antigua and Canada, and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda is committed to a liberalized approach to air transportation which enables a sustained growth of the country’s vital tourism industry.


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