No New Cases of ZIKA

Health officials have confirmed that lab results sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) to be tested for ZIKA have returned negative.

After news broke of Antigua and Barbuda’s first imported case of the ZIKA Virus last month, health officials stepped up measures to prevent an outbreak of the mosquito disease and have sent a number of samples to be tested.

Chief Medical Officer Rhonda Sealey-Thomas confirmed that according to the Trinidad based lab, none of the blood samples are infected.

She added that her team has been stepping up the effort to send more samples and that they are actively looking for person portraying symptoms of the disease.

Recently the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) stepped into assist the country in fighting the Aedes Egypti Mosquito, the vector transmitting the virus and donated 100 bed nets to the Ministry of Health.

This was also done to protect pregnant women in the country from being infected as the disease is said to negatively affect unborn babies.

The Health Minister and other health officials have been continuously admonishing residents to practice preventive measures and protect themselves from being bitten.

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