Paradise Found Project making strides

The Paradise Found Project is a priority says that developers of the US$250 million dollar project who visited Cabinet on Tuesday to provide an update on the development.

During their visit Robert De Niro and James Packer the principals behind the project along with their team, emphasized that this is its first project in the Caribbean and that it intends to get every aspect of the project right.

At a media briefing held this morning the Government’s Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst said the first aspect of the project is the construction of a cruise-ship finger pier which will allow cargo ships laden with containers to discharge their load on Barbuda.

Hurst said that this pier has already begun to be constructed.

According to Hurst the developers have made it clear that money is not an issue and they will do whatever it takes to see this project through, to create the economic opportunities for many businesses, tradesmen/women.

He said it is anticipated that everything will be in place so by early 2017 construction will begin on the Paradise Found Project.


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