Perry Bay Man Faces the Jail Time on Multiple Charges

A Perry Bay man is likely to face the court sometime this week after he was slapped with 4 charges including escaping police custody.

Police on Friday arrested and charged Fitzroy Aska, Aka “Chisel” with Aggravated Assault, Attempted Robbery, Wounding with Intent to do Grievous Bodily Harm, and Escaping Lawful Custody.

Lawmen believes that Aska was the involved in an attempted robbery which took place on No. 1 Armstrong Road last Sunday where a Nutgrove woman was attacked.

It is alleged that the woman was walking along Armstrong Road, when a masked gunman emerged from behind a parked car and accosted her demanding money.

After he was denied, a struggle ensued where he struck the woman across her face with the weapon, whilst at the same time threatening to shoot her. The attack was disturbed when a passerby in the area forced him to retreat. He was spotted removing the mask from his face as he fled the scene.

His description amongst other things were reported to the Gray’s Farm Police station and an investigation was launched which led to his arrest. However while being held at the St. John’s Police Station Aska escaped police custody but was shortly recaptured with the assistance of the public on Thames Street.

The police also said additional charges are imminent, since further investigations are currently ongoing into the matter. Police say that the Nutgove woman has since been treated for her injuries.


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