Residents React to the Recommendation to Repeal Buggery

After the United Nations Periodic Review Working Group conducted its review of Antigua and Barbuda’s Human Rights Record, uproar ensued over one of the recommendations made by the committee.

The UN Human Rights Council once again called on Antigua and Barbuda to repeal the Buggery Law from the books as it essentially criminalizes homosexuality in the country.

The Minister of Social Transformation, Samantha Marshall recently stated she would take the suggestion to Cabinet which sparked outrage amongst members of the public.

Callers flooded ZDK’s Programming on Wednesday with opposing views to the recommendation and called for the law to remain on the books. The callers each indicated that they were displeased with the recommendation and even went as far as saying that the suggestions should not even be taken to cabinet for consideration. the callers also voiced the view that being a christian nation, legislators should not be pressured into decriminalizing buggery.

Also speaking on ZDK’s Your View was Bishop Charlesworth Browne, a well known clergy man, who reinstated the position of the church on the controversial issue. He maintained that the church is opposed to Homosexuality and indicated that this is a position on which the church or country should not waver on.

The nation’s human rights record was recently examined at the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and calls were renewed from the UPR Working Group for decriminalization of buggery.

The Minister of Social Transformation was recently on record indicating that she would make a recommendation to the Cabinet to decriminalize the act which she deems as “antiquated”

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