Sir Ronald Admonish CARICOM to Pursue Greater integration

Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) has admonished CARICOM to pursue greater integration or risk remaining stagnant.

Sir Ronald Saunders, who was the guest speaker at the tourism association’s annual general meeting in St. Lucia, questioned the possibility that the deficiencies of the CARICOM integration process has contributed to countries like Jamaica to pursue alternative initiatives.

“One has to wonder, whether the deficiencies in the CARICOM integration process and its failure to deliver it’s objectives after 43 years of existence has not contributed to encouraging Jamaica to seek alternatives to CARICOM,” he said.

Saunders continued that “no one could blame Jamaica for taking  sensible initiative it would have benefited CARICOM to enter those arrangements together. But Jamaica was not prepared to wait for the slowest of the turtles to catch up,” he noted.

The Antiguan diplomat said that based on his experience, there is a sense of dissatisfaction of CARICOM integration process and said the upcoming CARICOM Heads of Government meeting is an opportunity to demand more from regional leaders.


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