St. John’s Development Corporation response to threat by AT&LU

The St. John’s Development Corporation (SJDC) has responded to a threat of industrial action made by President of the Antigua Trades and Labour Union (AT&LU) Wrigley George.

According to a release from the SJDC, the corporation was forced to respond to several misleading claims put into the public domain by the Antigua Trade & Labour Union (AT&LU) regarding the workers under the union’s remit at the St. John’s Development Corporation.

The latest signal from Senator Wrigley George of the AT&LU threatens industrial action despite a short-lived strike in which the SJDC met and addressed the outstanding issue regarding an ‘unsigned’ collective agreement.

The release states that contrary to Senator George’s position, the management of the SJDC has gone out of its way to act in good faith regarding the workers and their benefits.

The increase to workers as a direct result of negotiations has cost the SJDC over $150, 000 per month. The increase was provided to the workers, although the SJDC has only recently managed to pull itself from a chronic recession.

While it has been indicated that Senator George may have himself courted with the idea of being placed in the top position at the SJDC prior to becoming a senator, it is ill-advised for the AT&LU’s General Secretary and bargaining agent to undermine all attempts by the corporation to bring satisfaction and progress for the staff and to reach accord on the collective bargaining agreement.






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