The Government Dismisses Allegations of a Knighthood Scandal

The Gaston Browne Administration has distanced itself from any wrong doing as news broke implicating the twin island state in a growing scandal surrounding the alleged misuse of honours.

According to an article published online by the United Kingdom’s ‘Daily Mail’ officials at Buckingham palace were displeased with one Anthony Bailey referring to himself as ‘sir’ after having been knighted in Antigua a title he was not qualified in the UK.

Bailey and 5 others were knighted in what appeared to be an exchange between Antigua and Barbuda and a Catholic Charity which saw funds being donated, approximately 1.5million EC, which went to restoration efforts for the St. Joseph’s and St. Patrick’s Catholic Churches and the expansion of the St. Joseph’s Academy.

One of the men honoured had been convicted of fraud and his title along with another’s was revoked.

It has been reported that three of the knighthoods were arranged before the present administration took office in 2014.

It was also revealed in the publication that The Commonwealth Secretary General Baroness Patricia Scotland was questioned last week as she may have been involved in securing the honour for Sir Anthony Bailey during her visit to Antigua.

Speaking to ZDK News, The Government’s Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst stated that this is not an attack at the Government, but rather a stunt to discredit the newly appointed Commonwealth Secretary General.

He also noted that the after discrepancies were discovered, PM Browne revoked the honours.

Hurst indicated that the man in question, Sir Anthony Bailey is not implicated in any wrong doing as the only thing levelled against him was that he uses his title of ‘sir’ in the United Kingdom.




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