The Ministry of Work Agrees to Provide Greater Access to Beaches near Private Properties

The Ministry of Works says they will be looking into the possibility of creating greater access to beaches, located near private properties.

The law in Antigua and Barbuda states that all beaches in the country are public and individuals who own property near them must provide access.

However residents have been on record disputing those property owners, particularly at the Valley Church Beach have made it difficult to access the beach by blocking the entrance and even describing beach goers as disturbance to guests. The property owner is also known for reportedly asking residents to leave the beach after 6pm.

Addressing the issue was Minister of Works and Housing Eustace “Teco” Lake and representative within the said ministry Winston Williams who advised that once beach goers are using the entrance provided by property owners, they have the power to determine when you leave.

They agreed that the alternative entrance unto the Valley Church beach located through Fryes beach will be examined in order to provide a more suitable entrance for beach goers.



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