Three UPP Officials Charged in Ongoing Bus Probe

Three United Progressive Party officials have been charged in the ongoing probe into the criminal conversion of buses donated by the South Korean Government.

The leader of the opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) Harold Lovell and colleagues MP Wilmoth Daniel and Senator Dr Jacqui Quinn received their summons on Monday after being charged with larceny, fraudulent conversion and corruption.

Public Relations Officer for the UPP Senator Demarni Tabor confirmed the news as the opposition officials could not be reached.

Meantime, the opposition party UPP issued a statement in response to the charges decrying continued political harassment and persecution by the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party.

It said that “the charges are nothing more than an attempt by the ALP government, on the eve of its second June 12th anniversary, to deflect focus from it’s dismal failures to deliver on any of the promises that it made to the electorate and its recent scandal of knighting a convicted criminal in exchange for money.”

The party further noted that it reflect a poor attempt to cover up the political policing practised by the Gaston Browne administration, in full collaboration with the Commissioner of Police.

Following an Audit into the operations of the Government’s overseas offices resulting from the major John Ashe Bribery Scandal, it was uncovered that the buses donated to the government were subsequently registered in the names of three former government ministers.

Lovell, Daniel and Quinn are to make their first court appearance on Wednesday, June 8, before Magistrate Conliffe Clarke.


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