US Hurricane center increases tropical storm development chances to 60 percent

The chances that a tropical system will develop over the next five days were increased to 60 percent by the US National Hurricane Center.

The special tropical update, which was issued on Wednesday evening, said a newly formed area of low pressure has emerged a few hundred miles northeast of the Bahamas.

The system is supposed to move slowly west-northwest toward the southeastern U.S. That will put it into warmer waters and weaker wind shear, which could allow it to more fully develop.

Center forecasters also increased the chance of development through 48 hours to 30 percent.

However a hurricane expert with AccuWeather noted that while chances are high there is no guarantee something will form.

Dan Kottlowski was quoted stating, “The expectation now is that it will track northwest from the northern Bahamas and be off the coast of Jacksonville Friday or Saturday.”

“From there, it could head north, or stall out, spinning for a while before moving out to sea,” Kottlowski said.

“There is definitely a chance it could be a tropical storm, but there’s still a lot of uncertainty and the process in this case takes a long time,” he added.

Hurricane Alex became the first January hurricane in 20 years after it formed over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on January 13th. It lasted only four month before it dies.

Experts in Antigua are predicting an active 2016 storm season in the Atlantic region, with as many as eight hurricanes forming, of which three are projected to be major storms. The season begins on June 1st.


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