Venezuelan Ambassador Says Petro Caribe Agreement Stands Firm despite Economic Downfall in Venezuela

The Venezuelan Ambassador has stood in solidarity behind the Petro Caribe Agreement between the Gaston Browne Administration and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, despite circulating reports that the deteriorating economy of the Spanish speaking country could impact the deal.

Last Week, Foreign Affairs Minister Charles Fernandez confirmed to ZDK news that Antiguan and Barbudan students studying in the Venezuela are considering on returning home due to the ongoing political unrest and the poor economic condition in the country.

This led to questions on whether or not the Petro Caribe deal signed by the Antiguan and Barbudan Government would be affected.

Commenting on the matter in an interview with ZDK news on Friday was Venezuela’s Ambassador to Antigua & Barbuda, Carlos Perez, who noted that the Petro Caribe agreement remains without alteration.

The Petro Caribe Agreement remains without alteration. the Venezuelan Government will continue with the commitment and there is no alteration to the agreement. President Maduro has been very specific indicating that we have a commitment with members of Petro Caribe including Antigua and Barbuda,” he said.

The Venezuelan Ambassador explained that the Petro Caribe agreement is both a multi-national and bi-lateral agreement and in order for any changes to occur a consensus must first be reached.

“This is an international and a binding agreement, and any modifications or alterations made have to reach a consensus by existing members,” the Ambassador added.

The government of Venezuela is presently facing an economic destabilization which is politically exploited by the opposition, which is using non-democratic methods in order to worsen the economic situation.  This has led to food shortage, poverty and political riots in the country.

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