Woman Beater Faces Jail Time

A Greenbay man will endure a week of jail time after he was arrested for battering his former girlfriend on May 17th.

The Man, identified as Mickey Matthew appeared before the All Saints Magistrate Court on Thursday. He plead guilty to the battery charges, but failed to provide a sincere apology to the victim as was sentenced to a week behind bars.

The victim is a 26 yr old woman from Old Road.

Reports surrounding the incident indicate that Matthew beat the female, his ex girlfriend, after he voiced displeasure with her new relationship with another man.

It was indicated that the woman sustained beatings about her body mainly to her face and shoulders after she was dropped off at her home by her current boyfriend.

It was further disclosed that Matthew appeared from behind of the woman’s house after she was dropped off and proceeded to inflict the beatings.

The victim’s boyfriend observed what was happening and intervened and called officers attached to the Johnson’s point police station.


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