World no tobacco day 2016

With the completion of World No Tobacco Week, members of the Antigua and Barbuda Tobacco Free Initiative (ABTFI) are hoping that the activities will lead to a reduction in Tobacco Consumption.

Chairman of the Tobacco Free Initiative Colin O’kieffe that with this year’s  theme for World No Tobacco Day, “Get ready for Plain Packaging” the organization is hoping to see a reduction in the impact of tobacco marketing, promotion and  advertising.

O’keiffe said that there is also a need for implementation of tobacco control legislation in Antigua and Barbuda which will help to reduce the use.

Meantime Antigua and Barbuda along with other countries are today celebration World No Tobacco Day.

In an effort to control tobacco use and ultimately reverse the tobacco epidemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) and its member states have established a focused approach towards achieving this end.

A six-policy strategy has been launched and this is in practice within WHO member states based on country specific capacity.  It is comprised of six proven policies including Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies, Protect people from tobacco smoke, Offer help to quit tobacco use, Warn about the dangers of tobacco, Enforce bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, and Raise taxes on tobacco.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately six million deaths occur annually as a result of direct and indirect use of tobacco products as this includes exposure to second-hand smoke.

Tobacco use is the one risk factor common to the four main groups of NCDs — cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic lung disease and diabetes.  It is also a risk factor for infectious diseases, tuberculosis and lower respiratory infections.

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