Bishop Calls for Fathers to Play their Role in the Household

A senior bishop has called on parents, and in particular fathers to lead lives of examples for the nation’s youth in order to create a more stable society.

Bishop Rolston Jeffery while speaking during a Father’s Day discussion on Sunday during ZDK’s Open Forum, reminded fathers that parenting is not just a one man show.

“Parenting is not just a one man show, it involves a man and a woman. Unfortunately a lot of children grow up without a father figure in their lives and when that is missing when the home goes so goes society,” he said.

The Bishop said that the rise in crime against children in Antigua and Barbuda is alarming and the absence of father figures in the household is one of the factors contributing to that.

He said the burden is left on mothers to fend for the child/children which would ultimately leave the child unattended and vulnerable to the negative influences of society.

“What are we teaching our children? “If the man of the home is missing, the onus is on the mother which then creates a burden because sometimes they have to work, two and three jobs.” this leaves the child vulnerable to experiences of society'” he added.

Bishop Jeffery further admonished men to play their parts in the household adding that it is not the responsibility of schools and social services. He warned that if fathers continue to neglect their roles, society may become eruptive.

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