Antigua and Barbuda Tobacoo Free Initiative roles out plans to eliminate tobacco consumption all together

24 hours after the observance of World No Tobacco Day, members of the Antigua and Barbuda Tobacco Free Initiative have rolled out plans to eliminate Tobacco consumption within the country on a whole.

Educational Officer within the Tobacco Free Initiative Shawn Samuel said that the organization has decided to introduce a new programme known as BFF (Breath Free Fridays) and gave further details on the importance of the new initiative.

Samuel said that the programme is for all ages as it encourages persons to appreciate clean air and how important it is to keep it free of all toxins.

 The Education Officer continued urging individuals to keep the air clean to avoid cancers and other non communicable diseases.

Additional Samuel is calling on members of the public to stand behind the Antigua and Barbuda Tobacco Free Initiative as they push for the introduction of a law against the use of Tobacco.


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