Bargain Centre Supermarket gives positive review on plastic bag ban

Just a few hours before the official ban on the use of T-Shirt Plastic bags within Antigua and Barbuda, one of the major supermarkets in the country has expressed their view on how the transition process has been thus far.

Rady Matthew, Public Relations and Special Events Officer at the Bargain Center Supermarket who spoke to ZDK news this morning indicated that the decision to phase out the use of plastic bags has so far been positive. 

Matthew said the transition process to reusable plastic bags should run smoothly as it was a collective decision made by both the government and the supermarkets approximately 8 months prior.

She also went on to give details on how persons can receive their very own reusable bags. 

Meantime the Minister of Health and the Environment Hon. Molwyn Joseph will be visiting the major supermarkets tomorrow Friday as Supermarket Owners and Shoppers officially switch to the use of reusable bags.

The Ministry will also be the distributing these bags to major supermarkets including First Choice Supermarket, Epicurean Friars Hill Road, and Jolly Harbour, Gloria’s Supermarket, Little Canton, Bargain Center, Chase and Billy’s Supermarket.

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