Deliberately spreading HIV is a crime says the Attorney General


The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has taken a firm stance on persons who intentionally transmit the HIV virus in light of the recent Spike in HIV cases that have been confirmed within the country.

Attorney General and Minister with responsibility for Public Safety the Hon. Steadroy Benjamin said the deliberate transmission of HIV is a serious offence and persons caught engaging in these acts will be dealt with accordingly.

He was at the time speaking during interview with ZDK news this morning.

Minister Benjamin said that a legislation is also on the books which is geared at specifically dealing with individuals who deliberately engage in sex, in order to spread the virus.

 The Public Safety Minister also commended the AIDS Secretariat and other organizations who continue to provide persons with the necessary information.

He said that in an effort to put an end to this serious problem greater education needs to be available to the public.

It was recently revealed by the AIDS Secretariat that 21 new cases have been confirmed for the months of January, February and March, three of which are pregnant women.

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