Government Partners With St. Maarten Hotel Mogul

Another hotel investment project is on the horizon after the Government’s recent partnership with a St.Maarten hotel mogul.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne while commenting on his administration’s performance on their second anniversary on ZDK on Sunday, said that Valley Church Beach has been earmarked for a new hotel project.

“We’re making other engagements, other  interventions and investments, so for example we’re now partnering with the largest operator out of St. Maarten Mr. Saro Spadaro to build a hotel at Valley Church.”

The nation’s leader who was speaking during a special edition of Insight along ith Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin said that the Government has already allocated US $15 million with the hopes of building a 40 million dollar resort at the site.

“We have $15 million already in the bank which has been allocated, we don’t have to go and raise money. we hope to raise a total of about $40 million between our investment and other private sector investment to the extent that we’ll build a $40 million dollar resort.”

PM Browne said that while his government has the funds to begin working immediately, it is likely that that the project will begin in the upcoming year. He said this is due to the need for proper planning procedures before work begins.

“It’s not just about having the money, the drawings in the first instance will probably take about 4-5 months so it’s unlikely that we could start this project before 2017, notwithstanding the fact that we have money to start right away.”

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