Government Says they Outperformed UPP In Every Aspect

While the Opposition the United Progressive Party has given the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party a BAD grade for their performance thus far, the Prime Minister said they have performed exceptionally well for the past two years in office.

Political Leader of the UPP Senator Harold Lovell said the ABLP Government deserves a ‘B’ for bombastic, an ‘A’ for arrogant and a ‘D’ for dunce, thus a B.A.D grade overall.

However the nation’s leader who was speaking on a special edition of ZDK’s Insight Programme on Sunday said they outperformed the former administration in every aspect.

“Every single aspect of our development we have out performed the UPP. The country is stable, the people are happier…..if we had a happy index, I guarantee that we would beat them 100-1.”

PM Browne, who was speaking alongside his colleague Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin thanked him and other ministers in his administration for their dedicated performance and their hard work in their respective ministries.

“We have a great team and i just want to thank all of the members of our team who are performing optimally and i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Antigua and Barbuda for their support and to be assured that we’ll continue to work hard unrelentingly for their development.”


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