Heritage Quay Merchant Association seeks Tax Free Day

Venders at Heritage Quay are planning to Petition the Government on a Tax Free Day which will help to boost sales for the members of the Heritage Quay Merchant Association.

That is according to former President of Association Robert Hall who indicated that introducing a tax free day every month would improve sales among tourists and even increase the amount of locals to shop in the area.

Hall also made an appeal to the government to offer merchants a waiver of the ABST which would see more persons wanting to open businesses at Heritage Quay.

This comes after what is being described as a poor season by the Chairman of the Heritage Quay Merchant Association Elijah James. James said that the 2015-2016 season has been quite challenging due to falloff in sales.

He said that in an effort to remedy this situation the Association plans to launch a number of programs which targets mainly hotel and also locals.

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