New Cemetery Receives the Full Backing of Health Minister

The design for the new the National Public Cemetery has received the full backing of the Minister of Health the Hon. Molwyn Joseph.

This comes after Minister of Information Melford Nicholas during the weekly Cabinet briefing on Wednesday disclosed that the blue prints are near completion.

Minister Joseph while meeting with stakeholders on Friday said the cemetery will be unlike any other in the eastern Caribbean, noting that each grave will be equipped with concrete vaults to prevent shifting of the soil and also allows for the vaults to be reused.

This coincides with the information minister’s comments on Wednesday noting that plans are in place for the introduction of a crematorium as well as improvements in the burial system, which is consistent with the highly modern management of burial grounds in highly regarded cemeteries abroad.

“We’re speaking of a modern cemetery, along the lines of what you would see in the world famous Arlington National Cemetery in the United States. Included in the developments is the introduction of a crematorium for persons who wish to part with their loved one via that media,” he said.

Minister Nicholas noted that the public will be kept up to speed with additional developments as plans progress.

The state of the present public cemetery has long been a point of concern for residents and stakeholders alike, who have noted that overcrowding has largely contributed to the ‘deplorable state of the cemetery’.

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