NODS annual disaster management exhibition was well supported


The annual disaster management exhibition hosted by the National Office of (Disaster Services (NODS) on Thursday was well supported by members of the public and those who were involved.

According to a release, Participants from 13 groups along with NODS interacted with mostly students from several schools and used the opportunity to educate them on various aspects relating to their respective fields.

The exhibition continues to receive support from the Fire Department, the Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross, the Department of Environment, the Met Office, the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force, the Health Information Division, the Plant Protection Unit and the Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Newcomers this year were the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA), State Insurance Corporation, ABI Insurance, the Antigua and Barbuda Credit Union League and the Beach Safety Protection Unit formerly the Lifeguard Division.

Social Studies and Science teacher Christa Christopher, who attended the event with a group from St Michael’s Primary School, said the students really enjoyed the exhibition.

This is the ninth year NODS has hosted its disaster management exhibition. According to the National Office of Disaster Services, Plans are also in the pipeline to enhance next year’s event with additional activities that would generate greater interest from the public.

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